The next generation of CBCT imaging device has arrived

Viso; one unit for all your maxillofacial needs

Viso is the embodiment of premium image quality together with advanced imaging features, high efficiency and simplicity in use. Viso possesses all the qualities required of a Gold Standard CBCT unit – and much more. The unit is an impressive leap forward in the evolution of cone beam imaging.

Viso's 25x30 cm X-ray sensor offers a wide field of view selection to cover all clinical needs from single tooth (30x30 mm) to full skull (300x300 mm). Single scans covering the entire maxillofacial area can be acquired without the need for stitching images together.

Viso's remarkable 3D sensor is also fully capable of 2D imaging so providing for every eventuality.

Next generation features

This generation benefits

Intelligent Patient Support

Viso's occipital support has built-in sensors to detect patient size & automatically adjust protocols

Live Virtual Positioning

Integrated cameras and a live patient view enables precise field of view positioning.


4 built-in cameras & LED lights capture highly detailed
photographs which can be combined with X-ray images

Significant advances to reduce patient dose


Planmeca's iterative movement correction algorithm, eliminates movement artefacts


Ultra Low Dose Imaging protocol for CBCT with dose even lower than a 2D Panoramic


Equip your Viso with Planmeca's optional
one-shot flat panel Cephalostat

Viso Product Downloads

You can download the Viso product brochure and other related documents here:

Viso Product Brochure

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