Fully Featured Intra Oral Phosphor Storage Image Plate Scanner

for Single & Multi-room Use

Very Compact; very fast

Packed in a streamlined and elegant design, the compact desktop Planmeca ProScanner™ will fit into any room. It allows top-quality images to be taken in a
matter of seconds. A preview image is displayed on the scanner’s LCD touch screen for instant verification of the result, while the embedded eraser prepares the plates for further use. The 100 most recent images are saved on the
scanner’s SD card for enhanced security.

Planmeca ProScanner intra oral imaging plates are durable, but also extra soft for patient comfort. They are available in the following imaging plate sizes – 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4c.

A single ProScanner to serve multiple rooms

ProScanner can be used both as a standalone device as well as being shared between multiple examination rooms with the help an intelligent RFID chip held within each intra oral imaging plate. In shared use, the plates can be tagged to a particular workstation and patient file by reading their serial numbers in the examination room with the Planmeca ProID™ RFID reader. Once the images have been scanned, they are automatically sent back to the correct workstation based on their serial number. Operator errors are eliminated as images can be scanned in any order, even for different patients, resulting in a smooth and adjustable workflow.

ProScanner Product Downloads

You can download the ProScanner product brochure and other related documents here:

ProScanner Brochure

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