ProMax 2D S2

For your basic 2D panoramic extraoral imaging needs

& where a Cephalostat is required

All the basics covered

The ProMax 2D S2 is a premium quality panoramic imaging system with the following imaging programs included as standard:
- Standard panoramic
- Lateral TMJ (closed & open)
- PA TMJ (closed & open)
- PA sinus
- Child (Paediatric) mode for each standard and optional program to reduce the dose

As an option the following can also be added:
- Horizontal and vertical segmenting for panoramic program
- True Bitewing program
- Cephalostat imaging programs

Open, face-to-face patient positioning

The Planmeca ProMax® open patient positioning and side entry minimise errors caused by incorrect patient positioning by allowing you to view and monitor the patient freely from both the front and side and is very useful with children as it can reduce anxiety and aids communication. Side entry allows easy access for all patients whether standing or seated, including those in wheelchairs. Patient positioning is assisted by the triple laser alignment system which indicates the correct anatomical positioning points.

Versatility is assured

Interchangeable Imaging Sensor

If a cephalostat is specified, the panoramic imaging sensor may be removed and refitted on the ceph. head

Cephalostat Options

Scanning-type using either the shared panoramic sensor or a dedicated cephalostat sensor

Guiding Graphical User-interface

Each program selection is accompanied by pictorial positioning guidance & all exposure information

Standard ProMax 2D S2 Features

ProTouch User-interface

Control all imaging program selections, jaw shapes & patient sizes with a fingertip

Child Friendly

Dose reduction features such as paediatric mode & image segmenting for little ones

Imaging Software Included

Powerful Romexis imaging software with advanced tools & DICOM connectivity

Upgrade Path

Your ProMax 2D S2 can be field-upgraded to the enhanced ProMax 2D S3 and from there on to either the ProMax 3Ds CBCT system or ProMax 3D Classic CBCT system providing advanced multi-planar imaging and surgical planning capabilities.

ProMax 2D S2 Product Downloads

You can download the ProMax 2D product brochure and other related documents here:

ProMax S2 2D Product Brochure
Planmeca 2D Products Brochure

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