MobileDaRt Evolution MX7

Cordless (battery-powered) motorised direct digital mobile X-ray unit

Nimble, effective & efficient utilising the latest digital & wireless imaging technologies

Extend your reach

Excellent mobility and range is provided by the MobileDaRt Evolution MX7. Independent drive motors allow the unit to turn within its own length and a wide range of X-ray tube support movements enable effective and stress-free positioning as vertical movements are fully counterbalanced and horizontal movement light and smooth. Movements are secured with electromagnetic brakes, and an innovative single-handed horizontal extension control and an 'all' locks off' control make for quick and efficient examinations.

Let's go large on the display

Presenting you with a large 17" high brightness touchscreen display, the MobileDaRt Evolution MX7 clearly displays all system functions and acquired images clearly and crisply. You can even specify an external wall-mounted display which can be interfaced with the MobileDaRt.

Digital Radiography - it's as easy as 1, 2, 3

Your MobileDaRt Evolution MX7 can be equipped with a choice from 3 sizes of Canon wireless, portable DR detector - just 1, 2, or all 3 if required. The most popular imaging area size of 35x43 cm is provided by the well-proven and versatile CXDI-701C. For paediatrics and NICU the handy CXDI-801C is just the job and can fit in to most popular models of incubator. The larger CXDI-401C detector can also be added to the unit.

Of course, as you would expect from Canon DR detectors, these high specification devices can all be shared between similar mobiles and even analogue mobiles as well as your static DR systems.

Considerate Design

Take a look at these features to get an idea of how much thought has gone in to MobileDaRt Evolution MX7's design
'Inch Mover' Controls for Fine Positioning
Forward & reverse motor drive control from the tube side; ideal for precise bedside manoeuvring
Single-handed Positioning
Electromegnetic brakes, an 'All Free' brake release & innovative single-handed telescopic movement
Detector Bagging Support and Wipes Holder
A detector support allows positioning of the detector for hygienic bagging; convenient containers are provided

...and of course the features you demand of a modern mobile X-ray system

MobileDaRt Evolution MX7 is a high specification direct digital mobile X-ray unit for today's imaging department
Motorised Drive
Responsive proportional drive with dual speed modes for transit & fine positioning at the bedside
Cordless Operation
Operate free from cables; the MobileDaRt Evolution MX7 is fully battery-powered
Light & Effortless
Fully counterbalanced and smooth movements help to reduce manual handling fatigue
Wireless Efficiency
Wireless DR detector & RIS/PACS connectivity
Touchscreen User-interface
No need for a mouse; intuitive fingertip selections
Dose Recording & Archiving
DAP & Exposure Index (EI) recorded on PACS

MobileDaRt Evolution MX7 Product Downloads

You can download the MobileDaRt Evolution MX7 product brochure and other related documents here:

MobileDaRt Evolution MX7 Brochure

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