Education & Academic Support

We understand the challenges of gaining current information to help complete your course work;

many of us at Xograph have been there, done that & got the T-shirt

If you require technical / product-related information that you feel we can help you with, please ask us.

We'll be delighted to help.

When you need the latest information

Your imaging degree is demanding and at Xograph we are often asked if we can help by providing the most current technical information on products, or the key technology inside those products.

If you need assistance in this way, the radiographers / technical product specialists at Xograph Healthcare will be only too pleased to help in whatever way they can. Their work keeps them very busy however so they do draw the line at essay & dissertation writing.

Send us a request message if you need some product information for your course by clicking on the CONTACT US button below.

When you need industry lecture support

Should your academic institution, school of radiography or even your imaging department feel that they would benefit from the latest technology and product information to support your training needs then please don't hesitate to call Xograph Healthcare; we would be delighted to design a presentation tailored to your requirements and based around the generic products, services and related technologies available from Xograph Healthcare..

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