Canon CXDI-710C Wireless DR Detector

Canon's next generation wireless 35x43cm masterpiece has arrived

Tough, ultralight, waterproof, superfine image quality,

on-board memory, this Canon detector has it all

History repeats itself

Canon's long history in imaging innovation brought us the very first flat panel digital radiography (DR) detector back in the 1990's and since then Canon DR has been renowned for high quality, high reliability and longevity with each generation bringing new and valuable imaging firsts. This latest generation Canon flat panel detector continues an enviable trend with Canon's huge imaging R&D resource ensuring that the CXDI-710C Wireless is both feature-packed and well ahead of the pack.

The superb CXDI-710C Wireless has a 35x43 cm imaging area and incorporates Canon's legendary LANMIT amorphous silicon core with high sensitivity caesium iodide scintillator for minimum patient X-ray dose.

Automatic exposure detection and stand alone mode allow the CXDI-710C Wireless to be used with most medical X-ray equipment without the need for any physical connection and even free from a control PC. To reduce user strain ultralight but super-strong composite materials have been used in its construction.

The features you demanded of us - brought to you in the CXDI-710C

Clinically relevant features to benefit both user and patient


Able to shrug off fluids, the CXDI-710C has been rated at IPX7 for full emersion for up to 30 minutes without issue

Ultralight Yet Tough

One of the lightest 35x43 cm DR detectors available
yet tough thanks to carbon fibre construction

Beautifully Sculpted Design

The tactile and ergonomically shaped design is easy and effective to grip with well-balanced weight distribution

Onboard Status Indicators

Clear visual & audible indication is provided to keep you fully informed on the current status of the detector

Stand Alone Mode

Use the detector freely both in any X-ray room, on the hospital wards and even out in the wider community

Excellent Battery Performance

Energy for plenty of exposures; fast charging without removing the battery when using the docking station

When only the very highest specifications will do

Expect nothing less from Canon

Wireless Freedom

Connect wirelessly to a PC and to the hospital network for Patient Worklist and PACS Archive

Instant Image Display

View your image just 1 second after exposure when wirelessly connected to a PC

Superbly Detailed Images

With a 125 um pixel pitch the Canon CXDI-710C provides the very finest X-ray image quality

Onboard Image Memory

Take up to 99 images with a single detector in
standalone mode - no PC required

High Load Capacity

One tough detector, the CXDI-710C is able
to withstand a subject load of up to 310 kg

Imaging Software Included

Canon's highly sophisticated, yet so easy
to use, CXDI-NE software is provided

An Ideal Choice for Paediatrics

High X-ray sensitivity for very low dose with super detail make this is one child-friendly DR detector

It's Good to Share

You're free to use this detector wherever you wish. Share between rooms, mobiles, in the community

No Need to Carry a Grid

Canon's grid-free imaging software reduces dose & reduces weight further still; grid not essential

It runs in the family

That's right; the CXDI-710C is not alone but shares its impressive credentials with its two siblings: the larger CXDI-410C Wireless (43x42 cm) and the smaller Canon CXDI-810C Wireless (27x35 cm).

All 3 detectors share the same high performance battery type for interchangeability and can be used with the optional Canon Docking Station.

As well as battery charging in the docking station, a separate and dedicated battery charger is available to charge up to 2 batteries simultaneously and independently. Selected static general radiography systems such as the 'Precision' and 'Intuition' can also be specified with in-bucky charging for the ultimate in convenience.

Canon CXDI Digital Radiography Product Downloads

You can download the Canon CXDI Digital Radiography System product brochure and other related documents here:

Canon New Flat Panel Detectors Brochure
Canon Scatter Correction Brochure

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