D2RS Multi-role Digital Radiography & Fluoroscopy System

Perform all your fluoroscopy and radiography on a single DRF system

The convenience of digital radiography with a portable detector combined with the versatility of a tilting fluoroscopic table

A complete multi-purpose DRF Solution

The D2RS remote controlled table can perform all routine digital fluoroscopic exams and all digital general radiographic exams in a single system.. In addition, optional DSA software allows some contrast examinations requiring digital subtraction to be performed.. A serious contender when a single room needs to cater for a wide range of examinations, 

Table extension for ease of patient transfer and access

The D2RS tabletop can be extended to allow easy patient transfer and excellent patient access from both sides of the table in more demanding applications. or patient needs.

Maximised Versatility for all general radiographic applications

The Canon portable fluoroscopic and radiographic DR detector can be removed to enable 'out-of-bucky' examinations on the tabletop or even weight bearing exams with the detector on the floor.

DR Chest radiography - no problem

The motorised tube - detector distance can be extended to 180 cm to enable chest radiography with the table in the vertical position.

Perform all routine fluoroscopic examinations with 1-touch autopositioning

The D2RS motorised elevating and tiilting table enables all routine fluoroscopic examinations in the erect, supine position or any angle in between.. Pre-set examinations can be set up with a single button press, moving the system automatically to a predetermined table, tube and detector position with all X-ray generator selections automatically selected to allow you to concentrate on your patients needs.

Excellent table coverage with standing, seated and recumbent patients

As well as erect and supine patient positioning with excellent table coverage, a patient stool can be fitted to the patient footstep to allow seated examinations..

Patients on trolley and in chairs - no problem.

The D2RS motorised tube support can be positioned to allow digital radiographic imaging of patients on trolley's and in beds as well as patients in wheelchairs.

Tomosynthesis - you asked for it, D2RS can provide it

D2RS can be specified with Tomosynthesis to allow advanced sectional imaging of anatomy.

Erect & Supine Image Stitching

D2RS has an in-built image stitching capability for whole spine and leg imaging with the table in any position from erect or from supine.

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