In good time for a showcasing at the UKRC 2017 congress in Manchester, Canon Inc introduced 3 brand new DR detectors to partner the hugely popular, robust and reliable Canon CXDI-701C Wireless, CXDI-801C Wireless and the CXDI-401C Wireless. The new detector models named Canon CXDI-710C Wireless, CXDI-810C Wireless and CXDI-410C Wireless exhibit the characteristics that the market has been clamouring for which include:

  • Significant further weight reduction; the new CXDI-810C weighs just 1.8 kg including battery
  • Waterproofing; all 3 detectors are rated to IPX7 assuring unaffected operation after being completely submersed in water for 30 minutes
  • Standalone capability; the new detectors can be used for radiography without a PC in a similar way to a conventional X-ray cassette. Use with any X-ray source and the detector will store on board up to 99 images which can be downloaded via a docking station when convenient
  • greater patient weight capacity due to the increase in obesity within the population; the new detectors can support up to 310 kg patient weight
  • enhanced ergonomics making the detector easier to pick up, grip and carry securely; the new Canon detectors are sleekly styled, beautifully sculpted and rounded and include integrated hand grips. The curved Carbon fibre frame profile makes the detectors easier to pick up on flat surfaces and the positioning of the internally components has been carefully configured to provide a superbly balanced device making them not only incredibly light but also a joy to handle and use.
For more information on the new Canon DR detector range, click here and request a demonstration in your department today.